Relative Foods Now Available on Amazon!

By now you probably know all about Relative Foods and the products we sell, but did you know all of our products are now available through the world’s largest online retailer Well, if you don’t know, now you know!

That’s right, we’ve been working successfully with Amazon for the past several months to keep our product in-stock at their fulfillment centers and ready to ship to your door at a moments notice. Even better yet… Relative Foods products are Prime Certified, so you can make your order and have everything in just two days.

Whether you use Amazon on your phone or computer it’s easy to find our products. Simply type: “Relative Foods” into the Amazon search bar and BOOM, our Salt & Pepper Duet and Organic Cane Sugar pop up at the top of the results.

Shopping through Amazon is so easy and that’s why we choose to partner with them. Delivery is fast and since you’re ordering our products you know they are top notch.

Now the only question is… what are you waiting for?