About Us

“When my daughter Meggan began showing an interest in the family business, Total Food Package, I knew I had built something special. She and I began working to expand our umbrella and together crafted Relative Foods, a wholesome brand that’s dedicated to providing clean and natural dry goods – from our family to yours.” – John Memmott

About John

John is a long time resident of Grand Haven, Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Supply Management. He has has been married to his wife Dena for 43 years and have four daughters – including Meggan! John & Dena currently have 6 grandchildren and are hoping for more. 

John  worked in several industries in supply chain management before starting his own company in 1997. He has been running his own companies since then dry blending and packaging a wide variety of products. 

John started Total Food Package with his daughter, Meggan in 2011. His three other daughters are all teachers. He guesses that makes Meggan the black sheep in the family since she decided to work with him instead. This year John & Meggan launched their own product line – Relative Foods. This is something that he is very excited about and can not wait to watch how it grows and evolves.

John’s hobbies include spending time with family, cooking, hiking, skiing, golf and travel.

About Meggan

Meggan grew up in Grand Haven, Michigan and lives there now with her family. She loves raising her children in her home community. She has been married for 12 years and has three wonderfully unique children.

Meggan graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management. She started out at a large corporation working in purchasing for 6 years before starting Total Food Package with her dad – John. The company, formed in 2011, has been growing along with her family. She formed it the year her second was born and, by the time her third child rolled in 2015, they were both full of life and ready to go.

“I really enjoy working with my dad every day and we are so excited to bring our new brand, Relative Foods to market. Over the years, I have found so many wonderful food suppliers and I am excited to share them with others under our honest wholesome brand.”